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Fundamental Research and Development International (FRDI) is a self-funded organization working for facilitation of co-ordination, collaboration of organizations, academicians, entrepreneurs and students to accelerate R&D activities worldwide with its Fundamental Research Groups and also sponsors, publishes and circulates peer-reviewed international research periodicals …

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To protect and conserve our environment is our collective responsibility. FRDI’s environmental concern will reflect in its peer-reviewed international journal – Fundamental Journal of Environmental Sciences – proposed to be sponsored, published and circulated by Fundamental Research and Development International, FRDI. The journal will be free of processing and subscription charges.
Generalized twist-deformed Rindler space-times by Marcin Daszkiewicz
Taming of divergences in a unitary model of massive tensors, vectors, scalars and spinors by E. Mendels
Fractal physics theory - foundation by Leonard J. Malinowski
Fractal physics theory - cosmic scale nuclear explosion cosmology by Leonard J. Malinowski
Fractal physics theory - electrons, photons, wave - particles, and atomic capacitors by Leonard J. Malinowski
Fractal physics theory - nucleons and the strong force by Leonard J. Malinowski
Fractal physics theory - neutrinos and stars by Leonard J. Malinowski
Theory of welding of metallic parts in microwave cavity applicator by Shantanu Das, Amit Bansal and Apurba Kumar Sharma
A discussion of endoreversible engines at maximum output by Gérard C. Nihous
Topological 1-soliton solutions for the generalized Rosenau-Kdv equation by Asit Saha
New transformation for a non-ideal Bose system by V. N. Minasyan and V. N. Samoylov
Non classical solitary waves for nonlinear ordinary differential equation by M. Agüero, F. Ongay and J. Sánchez-Mondragón
A new mechanics of corpuscular-wave transport of momentum and energy inside negative indexed material by Shantanu Das, Sougata Chaterjee, Amitesh Kumar, Paulami Sarkar, Arijit Mazumder, Ananta Lal Das and Subal Kar
Consequences for special relativity theory of restoring Einstein’s neglected additive constants in the Lorentz transformation by J. H. Field
Bifurcations of travelling wave solutions for the Calogero-Bogoyavlenskii-Schiff equation by Asit Saha
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