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Fundamental Journal of Mathematical Physics

ISSN: 2249-9776
About the Journal

Fundamental Journal of Mathematical Physics is a peer-reviewed international journal of physics covering its mathematical aspects. The journal covers broad spectrum of physics having thrust on the areas where mathematics and physics both play significant role. The readership of the journal includes researchers from different disciplines of mathematics, physics, and engineering.

Aim and Scope

Aim of the journal is to provide readers and research world unhindered and continuous access to up-to-date research work in the field of mathematically rigorous physics. Salient features of the journal include rigorous peer-reviewing and fast publication of accepted work, so that it may reach timely to readers and researchers.  The journal covers broad area of physics and mathematics and includes Algebras, Application of C*-algebras, Asymptotic Methods, Calculus of Variations, Celestial Mechanics, Cellular Automata, Classical Mechanics, Computer-assisted Proofs, Condensed Matter Physics, Conformal Field Theory, Connections Between the Spectrum of the Laplacian and Geometry, Control Theory, Critical Phenomena, Dynamical Systems, Electromagnetic Theory (Mathematical Aspects), Ergodic Theory, Fluid Mechanics (Navier-Stokes Equations, Models of Turbulence), Fourier Analysis, Gauge Field Theory, Gravitation Theory (Classical and Quantum), Group Theory, Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems, Hamiltonian Mechanics, Hopf Algebras, Interacting Particle Systems, KAM Theory and Hamiltonian Dynamics via Variational as well as Local Methods, Kinetic Equations, Kinetic Theory, Knot Theory, Linear and Partial Differential Equations, Many-Body Theory, Mathematical Methods in Condensed Matter Physics, Mathematical Problems in Solid State Physics, Methods in Mathematical Physics, Modern Differential and Algebraic Geometry and Topology, Non-commutative Geometry, Non-commutative Geometry to Low Energy Physics, Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Nonlinear Differential Difference Equations, Nonlinear Elliptic Equations, Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Non-linear Theory, Nonlinear Waves, Operator Algebras, Percolation Models, Perfect Simulation, Perturbation Theory for ODE, Potential Theory, Quantum Chaos, Quantum Computing, Quantum Dynamics, Quantum Field Theory (Algebraic and Constructive), Quantum Mechanics, Random Process Theory, Random Schrodinger Operators, Renormalization, Representations of Lie Groups, Rigorous Atomic Physics, Scattering Theory (Classical and Quantum), Schrödinger Equation (Mathematical Properties), Schrodinger Operators, Semiclassical Analysis, Semiclassical Methods in Quantum Mechanics, Smooth Ergodic Theory, Spectral Theory, Statistical Mechanics (Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium), Stochastic Processes, String and Brane Theory, Supersymmetry, Symmetries, Symplectic Dynamics, Symplectic Geometry, Vector Analysis. State-of-the-art survey articles of current significance are also welcome.


Fundamental Journal of Mathematical Physics is a bimonthly journal published in three volumes each having two issues appearing in February, April, June, August, October and December in printed as well as online versions.

Submission Procedure

Papers prepared in .pdf or .doc files may be submitted through e-mail directly to the Editorial Head Office on bdtiwari@frdint.com with a letter of submission. Articles received are immediately brought to the referees/members of the Editorial Board for their opinion. In case of clear recommendation for publication, the paper is accommodated in a forthcoming issue. The paper should contain authors’ name, affiliation/address, e-mails, an abstract showing clearly the purpose of the work, and 3-4 keywords. References should be given at the end of the paper.

Papers in duplicate may also be submitted through postal mail. Two hard copies of a paper along with a letter of submission may be sent at the following address:

Fundamental Research and Development International
141/2B/1, Omgayatri Nagar
211 004 Allahabad, INDIA


Authors are requested to make sure that submitted article is neither published nor simultaneously submitted or accepted elsewhere for publication. Copyright of the published articles will remain with the FRDI.


One set of galley proofs of a paper will be sent to the author submitting the paper for corrections after the paper is accepted for publication. Authors are requested to check the proofs very carefully before returning it to the Editorial Head Office. Corrected proofs may be returned electronically via e-mail.

Processing Charges

Authors of accepted papers are requested to arrange processing charges for their papers @ USD 40 per print page for authors from USA and Canada and @ EURO 35 per print page for authors from the rest of the world from their research grants/institutions. However, for authors in India this charge is INR 800 per print page.


A set of twenty five reprints of a paper is provided to the authors ex-gratis. Additional sets of reprints may also be ordered during proof correction.

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